[title size=”3″]Background[/title]

Furniture SWOG Process SMEDA ( Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority ) and J. E. Austin Associates initiated Furniture SWOG Process in May 2006 under USAID PISDAC Project .A Strategy Working Group (SWOG) was formed. Approx. 25-30 industry representatives from all over Pakistan participated. SWOG value chain participants were Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers, Designers, Academia, Craftsman, Associations, and from Forestry.

[title size=”3″]Objectives of SWOG[/title]

To prepare a comprehensive strategy for the development of Furniture Sector of Pakistan.
To benchmark Pakistan Furniture Industry with International furniture market.
To provide awareness about competitive factory management and production techniques to local Furniture Manufacturing Industry.
Understanding market trends with respect to pricing / margins, designs, materials etc.
Understanding workforce skills required for sustainability and competitiveness of the Industry.

[title size=”3″]International Linkages[/title]

Following four core groups were formed to work with foreign consultants and to co-ordinate on behalf of SWOG/Industry.

  • Production and Technology
  • Design and Marketing
  • Work Force Development
  • Policy

Visits of Foreign Consultants were organized for the development of the furniture sector in Pakistan. A British Furniture Consultant (Mr. Peter Rayner) visited twice (August & December 2006) to evaluate overall value chain of the Furniture Sector of Pakistan and visited all major Furniture Clusters An American Consultant (Mr. Gary Kenedy) visited in January 2007 and evaluated Furniture Sector on costing issues A Furniture Consultant from Bolivia (Mr. Victor Hugo) visited in June 2007 and worked on Production and Manufacturing issues.

A Consultant from Malaysia (Mr. Wan Razali) also visited in June 2007 spent time in NWFP on Forestry issues Furthermore, International Study tours were organized by SWOG to Italy, Dubai., Malaysia and USA to understand the gap between Pakistan Furniture Industry and International Market leaders, moreover to give a clear vision to the industry regarding designs development, right methodologies and work force development. Through these tours effective linkages were also established with Academia, R&D Centers and other related organizations.

After a detail working on the development of furniture sector of Pakistan by SWOG a sector developed company was established named as “FURNITURE PAKISTAN”