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Our Projects

In order to realize the vision of present government, for enhancement of GDP growth on fast track basis, & break the back of endemic poverty by increasing GDP & per capita income of the people within rural and urban areas, Furniture Pakistan has endeavored to put its share in this vision and has achieved the following milestones since its inception since 2009.


The main objective of CFTMC is to facilitate the furniture industry through provision of access to latest furniture manufacturing technology and produce skilled labour with the knowledge base of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) & shifting from supply end to demand end by tapping the current needs of the industry through bridging the technological gap. Following activities have been completed.

CEFWA Sarogdha

Sargodha is one of the significant hub of Furniture & Wooden Handicrafts and has a huge potential for

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CFTMC Chiniot

Chiniot is a major cluster engaged in the manufacturing of
handmade wooden carved furniture.

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CFTMC Peshawar

The land of hospitality in its essence, contemporary designs and sturdy furniture products

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