Wood Seasoning

The Concept of Wood Seasoning is to reduce the moisture content of raw wood. It ensures long term quality of wood products, hence increasing its global acceptability.

Global Standard of moisture is 8% – 10% Conventional ways of seasoning wood cannot attain the moisture content below 30% thus Installation of Solar Kilning Facilities country-wide (75 in Phase-I) is one of the major projects of “Furniture Pakistan”.

This will increase quality of wood available for production to the standards of international markets, resulting in the increase of trade. the requirement of around 250-300 Solar Kilns has been estimated across all the production clusters in Pakistan.

In first phase 10 kilns have been installed at following locations:

  • Gujrat = 5

  • Chiniot = 3

  • Lahore = 2

Further procurement/installation of Solar Kilns is in the process.