Wood Bank

“Furniture Pakistan” will be establishing Wood Bank for the furniture industry. Poor forest management planning and disease (Virus) to Sheesham are the major concern. Both the factors have resulted in shortfall of the good quality hard wood and the market dependence on foreign species of wood is increasing day by day. The dearth of knowledge of foreign species of wood by local furniture industry is effecting it adversely. Through the establishment of Wood Bank, ‘Furniture Pakistan wants to do the following.

  • To provide a controlled standardized source of quality wood to fulfill the raw material requirements of the local furniture manufacturing sector.

  • To provide wood at competitive local prices

  • A grade Quality of wood will be provided to the industry.

  • To provide a breathing space and to ease off the pressure on meager forest reserves of Pakistan.

  • To provide substitute wood to furniture industry of Pakistan and to educate the people about its characteristics as well as its main utilization.

To enable the furniture sector to compete in the international market by providing seasoned wood.