In order to promote and enhance the compatibility of the furniture industry and craftsmanship of Pakistan in international markets, the Government of Pakistan developed a strategy. Establishment of the company ‘Furniture Pakistan’ is the major component of the strategy as envisioned by eminent Government Authorities. The basic structure of the company was formulated in 2007-08. In 2009 Furniture Pakistan initiated its operations under the administration of Pakistan Industrial
Development Corporation (PIDC).

Our Mission

We aim to improve and enhance the Furniture sector of Pakistan through Technology up gradation, Human Resource Development and provision of adequate Physical Resources to Industry.
We focus on preserving the indigenous craftsmanship, adding value to it and making it marketable to rest of the world.


Furniture Pakistan, acting as an apex body for the development and support of local furniture manufacturers has the following objectives:

  • To Improve the quality of Pakistani wood products.

  • To attain global competitiveness through technological interventions Develop strategies for self-employment and poverty alleviations.

  • Establish International and domestic industry linkages .

  • Develop skilled workforce.

  • Provide environmental friendly wood seasoning facilities.